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How to Make Contacts in China Opciones
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How to Make Contacts in China

1. Whenever possible, obtain an introduction. connections and relationships, known as Guanxi, are very important. The right connections can ensure you an attentive audience for your proposal and subsequent interactions. Guanxi also incorporates an element of graft, for those who have the connections will often try to profit from them. Guanxi creates an interdependency between the two parties because favors received must be reciprocated at some future time.
2. If you are representing a well known international company, you can send a letter to the senior post person in a Chinese company in which you state your purpose for contacting him or her. However, Guanxi, will give you the right connections.
3. When sending an initial letter, it is a good idea to have the letter translated into Chinese. Chinese people are always glad to see foreigners speak their language. You might consider to have your website, presentation, manual, brochure, CV, etc. also translated into Chinese which is a good way to market yourself.
4. You should hire a local representative or consultant to monitor deals and relationships in your absence and to maintain a constant presence for your company in China. This is particularly important if you are sourcing from or selling to China. When hiring a local representative, be sure to carefully check references and to obtain a list of his or her former and current clients.
5. Once you have decided to visit China, either you, your counterpart, or local representatives should schedule meetings for you at least one to tow weeks in advance of your arrival.
6. Foreign visitors can be surprised to discover that their Chinese business contact will make an effort to keep them entertained at all times. In China, a host's responsibility includes fulfilling needs and ensuring the comfort, care and protection of their guests. If you wish to spend some time alone, indicate so very politely.

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